Facts about the Boys that join Scouting

For Every 100 Boys Who Join Scouting:

  • Rarely will one be brought before juvenile court.

  • Twelve will have their first contact with a church.

  • One will enter the clergy.

  • Eighteen will develop hobbies that will last through their entire adult life.

  • Five will earn their Church Award.

  • Eight will enter a vocation that was learned through the Merit Badge system.

  • One will use his Scouting skills to save a life.

  • Seventeen will be future Scout volunteers.

  • Two will become Eagle Scouts.

  • Troop 50 has had over 105 Eagle Scouts. Based on BSA National Averages, that means Troop 50 would have had to reach out to more than 5,250 boys in the Alliance community in the last 70+ years.

  • Going on National BSA averages, that means 52 lives have been saved because of what someone learned in Troop 50.

  • Continuing with National's averages, 420 boys learned their Career through a BSA Merit Badge while in Troop 50.

  • Troop 50 has potentially kept 5,197 boys out of juvenille court.